Know your city?

Vacationers prefer to deal with ONE vacation spot stalwart who represents multiple types of vacation businesses.

Build your own Vacation Agency


Represent Multiple Vacation Businesses

Represent small vacation rentals, boutique hotels, exciting activities, vehicle rentals and tour operators all under one Partner Account.


Profit Share your way

Make your own profit sharing deals with the small vacation business owners.


Market your way

Use iSaapa SAAS to setup your independent vacation business site. Use the provided tools to market the way your like on Social Media, Search Engines or via emails/sms.


Execute Bookings

Get bookings from as well as from your own site, coordinate with multiple vacation business owners – communicate with guests and owners. Make guests happy vacationers.


Earn, Account & Share

Generate revenue from your site as well as Do the accounting and transfer funds to respective vacation business owners as per your profit sharing deals.

Get started as a Local Expert

Enroll as a Partner (Host)

Enroll as a Partner (Host). This will give you the power to list homes, rooms, activities, vehicles & transfers.

Note: If you have chosen to get a SAAS store too then you will upload your listings on your site – they will automatically get listed on the marketplace/

Start with the ‘Agency’ Package

Register for the ‘Agency’ package. Get your site up and about in no time. Start marketing & selling easily.

Note: This is optional. Quite a few Local Experts opt out of their own store and work directly off of the marketplace.

Execute Bookings

Get bookings from the iSaapa Marketplace and/or your own site too. Make the Vacationers happy – get ranked higher – get pushed up on the visibility score at iSaapa Marketplace.