"When I first went traveling alone overseas, at the age of 18, my mentor gave me the above Mark Twain quote penned on a piece of paper. It is my driving force till date and the foundation of this company."

Rakshya Mark


Our Story

We started off as a family business. The glue in the family business was travel and experiences. We quickly became a professional business under the name fwt.asia.

But, our customers were not as happy with their vacations as we thought they would have been.

After talking to 100s of Customers we came to a conclusion that our Customers wanted more from their vacation – meaning better quality stays, better activities and better service – in essence they were happier spending a bit more for luxury than the cheaper holidays. So, we decided to change our focus to Luxury Vacations only. That gave birth to isaapa.

isaapa has a very stringent selection process for homes, hotels, resorts, activities and vehicles. And importantly we listen to our customers intently.

We have thrown out some the most expensive properties and some of the highest rated activities (by other sites) from isaapa.com just because our Customers had a bad experience or the staff was not friendly enough or the service sucked.

All being powered by https://saas.isaapa.com. Thanks to all who use our SAAS Platform.

Our mission

Our customers desire of rated & ranked Vacation Rentals, Luxurious Hotels & Activities at exotic locations have become our driving force.

We work hard to siphon the market flooded with thousands of properties & activities to offer only the best vacation experience.

We physically trot the Properties & Tours and thereafter recommend them to our customers.

We Experience It First – So That You Have A Happy Vacation



We cover vacations destinations across South, South East Asia, Eastern Africa, Middle East & the Mediterrenian.


Homes & Hotels

We cover upper-end Vacation Properties, Hotels & Resorts to fulfill the customer's need who wants to enjoy her vacation in a bit more Luxury.



We cover quality activities on Land, Water and Air to fulfill the wants of our Vacationers.



Our network of partners around the world makes the Vacationers experience easy and fun.