Free to join · Easy to earn

Upto 5% promoting Vacation Rentals, Hotels, Activities & Tours.

Upto 30% promoting iSaapa SAAS – Channel Manager.

How does it work?


Sign up

It is as easy as clicking a button to apply to become an affiliate. Click here to get started.


Create your Campaigns & links

Once approved, go to your Affiliates Dashboard and create your referral links or use our Creatives to share where ever you choose to.


Get paid

Every successful conversion from the referral links/creatives that you have shared will earn you. You can track your earning from your account in real time.

Why iSaapa Affiliate Program?

Sell Anywhere

Sell around the world on a website, social media, email, marketplaces*, and anywhere else that strikes your fancy.

* – Some restrictions apply to sell on some marketplaces. Please contact support for details.

Quality Inventory

Increase your chances of earning more by promoting vacation properties & experiences which are worth promoting.

Our experts go to excruciating lengths to verify the quality of vacations homes, experiences & service providers.

Tracking & Tranparency

Track your earnings in real time through your Affiliate Dashboard.

Complete transparency along with various reports are available for you to keep up with your pipeline.


What are the min-max commissions for iSaapa?

  • Vacation Rentals – upto 3%
  • Rooms – upto 3%
  • Activities – upto 5%
  • Vehicle Rentals – upto 5%
  • Tours – upto 5%

Imp: You will also earn recurring commissions of 2% to 5% when your referred customer places 2 more orders from us. These recurring commissions are based on registered email address – So you do not have to promote to the same customer again for a while. If you choose to opt out of recurring commissions please drop us a line.

All commissions are calculated after deducting all applicable taxes.

When & How do I get paid?

You are paid by direct deposit (NEFT/RTGS) in 7 to 14 Business Days (depending on the category) after the stay/activity/tour is completed.

For iSaapa SAAS – Channel Manager, you are paid by direct deposit (NEFT/RTGS) in 14 Business Days.

Do I need a business license?

Depending on the type of your activity, you may require a business license. Please check local laws in your area to determine which licenses may be required for your experience.

Do I need insurance?

You may need to obtain your own insurance if your experience includes these experiences like driving, diving, mountain climbing, food service, etc. Please check with local authorities or with similar businesses owners.

What are the min-max commissions for iSaapa SAAS – Channel Manager?

  • Vacation Rental Businesses – upto 30%
  • Hotels, Resorts, Hostels & B&Bs – upto 25%
  • Activities Businesses – upto 25%
  • Tours – upto 30%

Imp: You will also earn renewal commissions of 5% to 15% for the first renewal. This renewal commission is based on registered email address – So you do not have to promote to the same customer again for a while.

All commissions are calculated after deducting all applicable taxes.

How long does a referral link stay active?

After you have shared your referral links/banner people will start clicking it. Once a user clicks on the link and lands on an page, a cookie is set on the user’s browser. This cookie is kept active for 45 days.

In essence, once a cookie is set for your referral link, you will be entitled to a commission if the user completes the transaction within the 45 days period.



Are there any restrictions of where & how to share referral links/creatives?

Yes. Please refer to the Knowledgebase to learn about the Dos and Don’ts. Additionally please review our Policies, Terms & Conditions thoroughly.